Scandal-Olivia Pope’s Wine Glass

Olivia Pope’s Wine Glass

Olivia Pope’s elegant wine glass from Scandal.

olivia pope wine glass scandal

From the beginning of Scandal, red wine has been Olivia Pope’s drink of choice. Now as Olivia’s life gets more and more complicated, we see more and more of her beautiful long-stemmed wine glass come out.tumblr_m3e2keiK8y1rtnfs6o4_250

Just like every item Olivia Pope owns and adorns this glass is pure elegance. Buy a set at Crate and Barrel and you could drink out of the Olivia Pope wine glass from Scandal while watching the next episode of Scandal, but remember to let the wine “breathe” first. :)

Click Here Now to Buy Olivia Pope’s Wine Glass also known as the Camille Red Wine Glass. 23 oz.

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Pair your wine glass with a Crate and Barrel glass popcorn bowl to make the night complete. Scandal, a tall glass of wine in her signature wine glass, and a big glass bowl of popcorn; what could be better?! Sounds like an ideal night to me!

popcorn bowl

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